Lauren Smiley

Lauren Smiley

Boots-on-the-ground tech reporter.

Writing about humans in the tech age. Stories at WIRED, Backchannel, San Francisco Mag, Cal Sunday, New York Mag. Staff alum of at Medium, San Francisco Weekly. Bilingual in Spanish.

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Carole article
Modern Luxury

Drama Queen

The original producer of "Fences" is a heiress-turned-Broadway producer named Carole Shorenstein Hays.

Screen shot 2016 10 31 at 11.07.26 am article
Modern Luxury

The Big Sink

Inside story of the Millennium Tower, SF's sinking symbol of wealth. (Literally.)

20140922 sugar15223 article
Modern Luxury

I'm Rich. You're Hot.

The techie sugar daddy universe during Tech Boom 2.0.

Screen shot 2016 04 10 at 10.42.44 pm article
Modern Luxury

How to Sell (And Sell and Sell) In Silicon Valley

The real estate agent pitching Chinese buyers on Bay Area real estate.

Screen shot 2015 04 22 at 5.15.52 pm article
Modern Luxury

San Francisco's Strip Club King

Before Joe Carouba could clean up strip club row, he had to clean up himself.

Acworth1 article
Modern Luxury

Mr. Acworth Goes to Vegas

San Francisco's most famous pornographer flees the Condom Police in Sin City.

Open uri20140622 4638 1mixcoe article
Modern Luxury

Dead Right There

The Asiana plane crash created heroes and victims. Some became both.

Open uri20140307 21002 1ms02ve article
Modern Luxury

Last Street Standing

A development and gentrification saga about San Francisco's Mission District.

Open uri20131126 14136 tdfjzd article
Modern Luxury

Who Needs Love When You've Got Willie Brown?

San Francisco's premier political trophy girlfriend.

Dreadpirate article
Modern Luxury

The Silk Road Ends in San Francisco

The route of the alleged Dread Pirate Roberts through San Francisco.

Open uri20131014 13275 1g5rqkg article
Modern Luxury

A Jail Visit with the Alleged Dread Pirate Roberts

My unlikely jail visit to the Silk Road mastermind.

Open uri20130823 12525 4vk99w article
Modern Luxury

Sympathy for the Landlord

The battle for the soul of the almighty San Francisco Landlord.

Open uri20130621 7050 kslecu article
Modern Luxury

A Girl, Her Pimp, and Her Parents

A true-crime story on a San Francisco couple accused of killing their daughter's pimp after getting no help from the authorities.

Open uri20130422 25988 7zjpjg article
Modern Luxury

Generation Ask

Reporting from Crowdfunding Nation. Culture and tech reporting for San Francisco Magazine.

Open uri20130117 17968 1idmdsu article
Modern Luxury

"Good Ross, Bad Ross" - Political Profile for San Francisco Magazine

An investigative look at the downfall of San Francisco's scandal-plagued sheriff