Lauren Smiley

Lauren Smiley

Boots-on-the-ground tech reporter.

Writing about humans in the tech age. Stories at WIRED, Backchannel, San Francisco Mag, Cal Sunday, New York Mag. Staff alum of at Medium, San Francisco Weekly. Bilingual in Spanish.

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Open uri20130117 17968 1qw353y article

"Perverting Justice" - Crime Reporting for San Francisco Weekly

If you were to track the location of the GPS unit cinched to Mr. C's ankle on a recent Thursday at dusk, the red dot would veer northeast on Market and then head north on Grant. At Broadway, the dot hooks a U-turn &mdas

Open uri20130117 17968 1yctq6x article

"A Rat's Life": Investigative Crime Reporting for San Francisco Weekly

The MS-13 gangster leans toward a Plexiglas window in the Glenn E. Dyer Jail in downtown Oakland, speaking loudly over the desperate sounds of a man roaring and beating on the wall a few r

Open uri20130117 1399 1q3tyh1 article

"Worlds Apart" - Immigration Reporting for San Francisco Weekly

The U.S. Customs officer eyed Sang's well-traveled South Korean passport. 'What is your purpose in the United States?' she asked. Sang said he was 'on holiday' and would be going back to Korea in two weeks, yet agents s

Stringio article

"Girl/Boy Interrupted" - Transgender Medical Reporting for the San Francisco Weekly

The breast bud popped up about six months ago, and Marty knew something had to be done. It was the slightest of puckers, just on one side, so small you wouldn't even notice it through a T-shirt.

Open uri20130117 3602 53k4se article

"Exporting the Dead" - Winner, Association of Alternative Newsmedia National Feature Writing Award

When Victor Cipriano Lopez collapsed and died in a driveway near the corner of 22nd and Valencia streets at 10:29 on a Sunday night last November, he was already supposed to be far, far away from San Francisco. At the mo

Open uri20130117 1399 14dilok article

"The rise and fall of an Internet sensation" - Tech reporting for San Francisco Weekly

On Feb. 15, Thomas Bruso's already unpredictable life took an abrupt detour. It was the day he ceased being Thomas Bruso and became Epic Beard Man, Internet sensation. That day, Bruso pulled on his custom-made 'I am a m

Open uri20130117 17968 nnjgys article

"Overexposed" - LGBT Reporting for San Francisco Weekly

In Chinatown, it may be the Year of the Tiger, but in the Castro, it's almost always the Year of the Cock. Judging from a walk down Castro Street, cocks are the unofficial mascot. You've got the Sausage Factory (an Ita

Yelp article

"Faux-star reviews!" - Tech reporting on Yelp for San Francisco Weekly

Jason Braatz has been in the city's floral business for six years — enough time to know that it pays to keep Yelpers happy. And Panthea J. is not happy. 'Sadly, it was not the dramatic floral marvel that I had en

Open uri20130117 17968 1lgn8g8 article

"Scientology's Antagonists" - Reporting on Anonymous movement for San Francisco Weekly

Maybe it's his badass black outfit with blood-red letters screaming 'Scientology Kills.' Or possibly it's his crew cut, or his nose slammed 45 degrees left after catching one too many right hooks. Maybe it's the hardcore

Open uri20130117 17968 1i5v991 article

"Ballroom Starr" - A story on transgender teens in the underground ballroom scene for the SF Weekly

Starr shifted her weight as she stood on a mostly deserted Broadway in downtown Oakland, looking up at the second-floor windows of Historic Sweet's Ballroom. The pounding house music taunted her, convincing her the acti

Open uri20130117 3602 1vlaxqb article

"BASE Jumping:" Sports Profile for San Francisco Weekly

A mud-splattered Jeep Cherokee pulls over on the shoulder of an empty road and stops. It is a gray, 40-degree January day, too cold for dallying. A man dressed in black with a sun-worn face and gray-nipped beard steps

Open uri20130117 20201 11m7mok article

"Offline:" The story of a teacher who went too far with his students online

A day after he deleted his Facebook account last month, Terry Braye — exiled public school teacher — called SF Weekly in a panic. 'I'm in trouble,' h

Sanctuarycityphoto article

Sanctuary Sellout - Immigration and Political Reporting for the SF Weekly

If you were to compile a list of threats to San Francisco's public safety, Oscar Martinez probably wouldn't make the cut. The quiet 15-year-old soccer player with a peach-fuzz mustache and adolescent slouch has a demean

Open uri20130117 17968 18d0x5a article

"Score!!!" - Sports and Immigration Reporting for the SF Weekly

On a recent Saturday morning, a crew of aging former professional soccer players from Latin America huddled around Salvador Lopez, who drilled them on the strategy of how their team, El Farolito, would win the 10:40 game

Open uri20130117 3602 q040kd article

"Terminal People" - A boots-on-the-ground look at the city trying to move homeless indoors for the San Francisco Weekly

For the past couple of decades, San Francisco's Transbay Terminal has served as the de facto shelter for dozens of the city's homeless people. You saw them, anywhere from 100 to 150 on any given night, hunkered in and a