Lauren Smiley

Lauren Smiley

Boots-on-the-ground tech reporter.

Writing about humans in the tech age. Stories at Backchannel, San Francisco Mag, Cal Sunday, New York Mag. Staff alum of at Medium, San Francisco Weekly. Bilingual in Spanish.

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Resist article

The Tech Resistance Awakens

What it means when tech workers get off the Google bus and into the resistance.

Encryption article
The Verge

Signal Boost

The Trump resistance flocks to privacy apps popular in repressive regimes.

1*nibu ldegzkvinbt9c7t2q article

The Shut-In Economy

The cultural shift of an on-demand world: getting used to getting served.

Better voter article

America's Disastrous Voting Tech

Hacking attempts are scary. Dinosaur voting tech is scarier.

Biohacker article
New York Magazine

Women Biohackers in Silicon Valley

The newest double standard: Men are biohacking; women are just neurotic.

Screen shot 2016 11 17 at 12.14.08 pm article

When Toys Talk (and Listen)

When AI-fueled toys chat with kids.

Refugeegirl article

How Techies Led the US Syrian Refugee Surge

The U.S. Digital Service had to bring 85,000 refugees to America. Obama's orders.

Carole article
Modern Luxury

Drama Queen

The original producer of "Fences" is a heiress-turned-Broadway producer named Carole Shorenstein Hays.

Screen shot 2016 10 31 at 11.07.26 am article
Modern Luxury

The Big Sink

Inside story of the Millennium Tower, SF's sinking symbol of wealth. (Literally.)

Screen shot 2016 09 15 at 5.01.09 pm article

Trouble in the House of Rothenberg

Rothenberg Ventures was young, splashy, and now, under SEC investigation.

Screen shot 2016 04 07 at 12.28.25 pm article

The Weird Redemption of SF’s Most Reviled Tech Bro

He blasted the homeless, then tried to make amends. Greg Gopman learned no business plan can find your way back home.

Realtalia article

The Revelations of Lady Murderface

The surprising back story of Yelp's minimum wage whistleblower.

Screen shot 2016 07 29 at 4.07.59 pm article

How India Pierced Facebook’s Free Internet Program

India didn't want "free" Facebook, if it meant squandering net neutrality. Report from India.

Desk article

The Great Customer Service Exodus of Tech Boom 2.0

Are startups exporting Silicon Valley's promise, or just its dead-end jobs?

Screen shot 2015 12 08 at 5.53.31 pm article

Canary in the Code Mine

With a crashing coal industry, Appalachian miners turn to code.