Lauren Smiley

Lauren Smiley

Boots-on-the-ground tech reporter.

Writing about humans in the tech age. Stories at WIRED, Backchannel, San Francisco Mag, Cal Sunday, New York Mag. Staff alum of at Medium, San Francisco Weekly. Bilingual in Spanish.

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Open uri20140318 449 1up987 article
The New Yorker

The Downtrodden Landlord

Catching up with a don of the "Dirty Dozen" landlords in the city.

Open uri20140123 14260 1wp5p1e article
The New Yorker

San Francisco's Private-Bus Backlash

A civic drama over private shuttles.

Open uri20131126 19014 1sk19ys article
The New Yorker

The Bay Area's Real-Estate Bubble, from Both Sides : The New Yorker

Just keeps getting more insane over here.

Open uri20130927 9257 3jiws7 article
The New Yorker

At the Rent Board, New Tales of the City

Chronicles from the rent board - where a renter's city goes to fight.

Open uri20130823 12525 1s3u08n article
The New Yorker

Last Days at the Lusty Lady Strip Club

The demise of the nation's first worker-owned strip club cooperative.